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The Chandi Studio

92.5 Sterling Silver

The Chandi Studio | TCS | Chandi | 92.5 Silver | Jaipur


It was my great grandfather who planted roots for this business in 1945 which has now blossomed into a beautiful tree. Later, my father decided to join this field. He had to balance the responsibilities of fatherhood with the passion of entrepreneurship. His hard work, struggle & name helped him establish in the jewellery sector . But as they say, there is always room for more improvement. Thus, we decided to carry forward his dreams by giving it wings & initiating our page online.

But you don’t value if you get things easily. Thus, even we had to struggle in our initial days. We faced criticism for various things. People tried to one up us & judged what we were doing wrong but we heard our dad’s voice & kept moving ahead. And we believe those comments & your faith in us made us much more stronger .

WE ARE YOUNG & HAVE GREAT IDEAS & OUR FATHER IS OLDER & HAS THE EXPERIENCE. Thus, the perfect ingredients for a successful business.


They say that no matter how old you become, when you are with your siblings, you revert back to childhood. And that’s how we love to work, little fights, tiny bickering but lots of unconditional love!

Devesh, the elder brother is an introvert who loves to design, work silently & use his creative juices to make some incredible pieces. And Rimjhim, the younger sister is a chatter box who loves to interact with people, understand their needs & deliver the products accordingly. But we are nothing if we are not together.

Devesh has pursued M.B.A. (sales and finance) & has been successful in developing the mental toughness & resilience needed to turn trials into triumphs. He balances his eye for what’s feminine with a rocker chic vibe in his ability to creatively design jewellery that connects women to their emotions, grace & strength.

Rimjhim has pursued B.A (H) in psychology & later M.A in the same field .She has always been passionate about silver jewellery. However, she wanted to have an edge over others by specialising in Industrial Psychology so that she can understand the workforce & eventually the client in a better way & master in marketing & sales.

Our journey began in 1990 for the primary goal of manufacturing , wholesaling & exporting gemstone & plain silver jewellery. At The Chandi Studio we understand the powerful language of silver jewellery for women so our collection is designed for modern & independent woman who loves accessorising .

The whole process of buying from The Chandi Studio is a beautiful ride from placing the order to receiving it. We aim to evoke an emotion every time a woman shops, be it herself or by just receiving a gift from her loved ones.

For us, jewellery is not just materials or designs – it is a journey of love, passion & adventure. Wander & dream along with us.


We want you to be assured in every way possible. So, we assure you that all our products are made of STERLING SILVER 92.5 & are stamped. We also provide an invoice with every purchase. 3% GST is also beared by us. There is no hidden cost.


Quality over quantity
Quality check
Positive ecology impact
Products variety


How we package your orders is important to us. To get your products delivered to you in perfect condition we need to wrap it with lots of love & safety. Thus, we spent a lot of time, over many cups of coffee, working out the best way to send out our handcrafted products to you.

Right now, we have cardboard boxes with a heritage look on each side of the box & our logo on top. We are based in Jaipur & no doubt why we love everything heritage. So we wanted to give the same look to our packaging so that we could reflect our love for the pink city & preserve the beauty of it’s heritage.

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