Crescent Moon Layered Earrings


Crescent moon layered earrings are featuring a crescent moon shape, made of silver. These earrings come in a style and design that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions.

They are a popular fashion accessory and can be found in many jewelry stores.

Add some charm to your look with this statement danglers. It features a beautiful and artistic crescent moon and floral design that add their own charm.

Exhibiting excellent workmanship, this one will not disappoint you wherever you adorn them. Also, these are super lightweight so they definitely make for a natural showstopper at your next event.


Color choices



Crescent moon layered earrings can be styled in many different ways, depending on the occasion and personal style.

Here are a few ideas:

  • For a casual, bohemian look, pair crescent moon layered earrings with a flowy sundress and sandals.
  • For a more formal occasion, such as a wedding, pair crescent moon layered earrings with a simple, elegant dress and heels.
  • For a more edgy, rock-inspired look, pair crescent moon layered earrings with a leather jacket, ripped jeans, and boots.
  • you can also mix and match with other jewelry, such as layering a necklace with a crescent moon pendant with the earrings, or wearing multiple crescent moon earrings in different piercings
  • Ultimately, the way you style your crescent moon layered earrings is up to you and your personal fashion preferences.


Additional information

Weight 34 g
Dimensions 9 × 4 cm
Color choices

Blue Sapphire, Coral (Red), Pearl (Moti), Ruby (Pink), Turquoise (Sky Blue)


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