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Utsav Pure Silver 925 Ankle Bracelet/Payal


Utsav Braid Anklet


This gorgeous sturdy anklet is made up of three chains that interlink & entwine each other to become one sturdy rope chain.

Subtle & sophisticated.


* Price mentioned is for a pair of anklets ( 2 pieces).

* LENGTH : 10.5 inches


Availability: Hurry, Only 2 left.
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Discover our stunning collection of silver anklets! Elevate your style and add a touch of elegance to any outfit with our wide range of designs, from simple and understated to bold and intricate.

Perfect for any occasion, our anklets are crafted with high-quality materials (Sterling Silver) and made to last. Shop now and find your perfect pair!

There are also some potential benefits associated with wearing anklets:

– Aesthetic appeal: Anklets can add an extra touch of style to an outfit and help to accentuate the legs.
– Cultural significance: In some cultures, such as in India and Africa, anklets hold significant cultural and religious meanings.
– Foot adornment: Anklets can be a way to adorn and show off the feet, especially in warmer weather when sandals or flip flops are worn.

* Price mentioned is for a Pair.

* Material – 925 Silver

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Utsav Pure Silver 925 Ankle Bracelet/Payal