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Mishika Durga Bracelet


Mishika Durga Bracelet
We at The Chandi Studio believe that modern woman of today is Durga who has the authority and power to fight the evils of the world.
She is independent, she is fierce, she only requires a will to combat evil, be it at home, office, society or elsewhere!



Minimum length :7.8 Inch
Maximum length : 8 Inch
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Mishika Durga Bracelet can be a great way to add style and personality to an outfit. Here are some tips on how to style bracelets:

  • Mix and Match: Mixing and matching different styles of bracelets can create an eclectic, bohemian look. Try pairing a thin, delicate bracelet with a chunky, statement piece.
  • Wear Them Alone: Wearing a single, statement bracelet can be a simple and elegant way to accessorize. Choose a bracelet with unique detailing or a pop of color to make a statement.
  • Coordinate with Outfit: Consider the colors and patterns in your outfit when choosing bracelets. Wearing bracelets that complement your outfit can bring the whole look together.
  • Consider Occasion: Consider the occasion when choosing bracelets. A formal event may call for more delicate and understated styles, while a casual or outdoor event may be an opportunity to try bolder and more eclectic pieces.

Remember that the key to successfully styling bracelets is to have fun and express your personal style.



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