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Sterling Silver Surya Bracelet



The Sterling Silver Surya Bracelet is a radiant and elegant accessory.
With its intricate design and polished finish, it exudes sophistication and charm. Whether worn alone as a statement piece or paired with other jewelry, this bracelet adds a touch of celestial beauty to your wrist. The Sterling Silver Surya Bracelet is a versatile and timeless addition to your collection, perfect for enhancing your style with a touch of brilliance and symbolism.


Minimum length : 7.5 Inch
Maximum length : 8 Inch
Availability: Hurry, Only 5 left.
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The Sterling Silver Surya Bracelet embodies a timeless elegance that effortlessly graces your wrist. This exquisite piece of jewelry is meticulously crafted from high-quality sterling silver, known for its durability and lustrous beauty. At its heart lies a captivating Surya, or Sun, motif, radiating with symbolism and significance.

The Surya motif represents energy, vitality, and the power of life itself. Its intricate design, featuring intricate rays extending outward, symbolizes the boundless reach of the sun’s influence. Each detail, expertly etched and polished, enhances the bracelet’s overall allure.


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Sterling Silver Surya Bracelet